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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Overview

Head Injuries occur regardless of age, color, gender, or nationality. Anyone stands a chance of incurring a brain injury, with an even greater chance of knowing someone who has. Brain injuries occur unexpectedly, changing entire lives in the blink of an eye with no preparation whatsoever. For the purposes of this blog, the abbreviation TBI is used to denote a head injury that allows the survivor a more limited, possibly even severely decreased degree of previously known functionality. In other words, from the outside you may seem like the same person you've always been. Inside, however, your life has drastically changed.

Whether you know it or not, statistics indicate you may often encounter more TBI survivors than you realize. According to statistics, TBI occurs at a rate of “1.4 million per year in the U.S.A.” alone. To break that down even more, TBI happens at a rate of “3,835 per day, 159 per hour, 2 per minute...”1

Some fortunate survivors may never outwardly show signs of their symptoms, though they most certainly are there. Others, however, find their entire lives changed completely and suddenly for long periods - if not forever.

I am a mild TBI survivor, and I have dealt with the repercussions of my head injury for the past fifteen years. I continue to deal with symptoms of my injury, though I have recovered enough brain power to begin a regular forum on the subject. Creating this blog will add other voices – like yours – to the discussion on the topic. It is perhaps the single, most important purpose this blog serves.

However, another critical purpose of this blog exists: To provide a sense of community and support among TBI survivors and for those whose lives are also affected by TBI. The exhausting parade of random symptoms and sometimes downright crazy behaviors can likely frighten off all but the strongest of supporters.

So, if any of the anecdotal information within – yours or mine – is helpful to someone else, then this blog has been successful. EVERYBODY is invited and welcomed to contribute, and to share their stories After all, sometimes it is from each other we can learn best.

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